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Lefra Productions celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in the entertainment industry this year. As one of the celebration projects, Lefra Productions decided to repaint and renew a special mural in Springs.

Frans Swart, Managing Director of Lefra Productions, says that when he was Public Relations and Marketing Director of Springs, the then Junior City Council was one of his projects. “I always felt very seriously that the Junior City Council should be a working entity and not just a Junior City Council in name. We undertook wonderful projects for the community of Springs which still play an important role to this day. This mural was probably painted 35 years ago and what still impresses me is that the painting has not been vandalized at all in 35 years. It just goes to show you that the theory that if you create a beautiful environment for residents, the community accepts, enjoys, and preserves it. That was certainly the case with this mural. However, over the years the painting’s paint has faded and that is why we decided to repaint it. The design is unique, fun and works perfectly as a mural. I remember at the time we entered a national art competition and an art student from the University of Pretoria, Marina Scholtemeijer, was named the winner by the judges,” says Swart.

At the time, the Junior City Council was responsible for painting the wall. Swart says that they would like to invite Junior City Council members to once again be part of the repainting of the mural. Junior City Councilors of the time can contact Lefra Productions on 011 815 3000 or can send an email to info@lefra.com after which all the information regarding the painting of the mural will be sent to them.

Councilor Charmaine Kock says that this is a wonderful project, and congratulated Lefra Productions on their thirtieth anniversary. “At the time, the Junior City Council launched an incredibly strong role in community development, especially among the youth. This is proof of the role they played. We are also grateful that Lefra Productions took the lead in renovating and repainting this mural,” she says. She also added that the residents of Springs must take the lead in renovating Springs to the special city it was in the past. “Any resident who has an idea how to renovate the town is welcome to contact me and discuss the project. Unfortunately, we as residents must take the lead ourselves and restore the pride in our city, Springs”

Tony da Cruz, the Managing Director of ProSafe Security, who has already played a special role in the restoration and beautification of many key points, museums and monuments in Springs, says that this initiative of Lefra Productions is commendable. “Lefra Productions is celebrating its thirty years in the entertainment industry, they do wonderful work in the arts and that is precisely why it is so appropriate that Lefra Productions decided to repaint and renew this mural,” he says. “Together we’ll make a difference”.

One of the oldest companies in Springs, Hot Pot Paint, sponsored the paint to repaint the wall. Hot Pot Paint also sponsored the paint used to initially paint the wall 35 years ago. The Managing Director of Hot Pot Paint, Gerald Kalil says that it is an honour and privilege for them to be associated with this project. “Springs is such a beautiful city and I am very happy that treasures like this mural can be preserved for posterity,” he says.